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Fast Access To Shared Folders From System Tray Icon

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Thank you for a great product so far.  I'm writing to say that I find myself missing a feature I enjoyed with Foldershare*, back before Microsoft acquired them.


IIRC, with Foldershare you could click on the system tray icon and the context menu would enumerate the folders you were sharing - clicking on one of them would bring it right up.


With Sync you currently have to double-click on the system tray icon, then the interface loads (and kind of slowly, at least for me), then you have to double-click on the folder you want to open, then afterwards you have to close the Sync interface.


It may not sound like a lot, but it sure is something I miss - that really fast and simple access to shared folders.


* I could be mis-remembering which product that feature was in, I've used so many over the years, but regardless it's a feature I miss!


Thanks for your consideration.

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