Sync.log File Is Enormous; Can I Delete / Move It?

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I have a 500GB SSD and a 1TB HDD setup in my workstation. There are a few folders (on the HDD) that I have syncing to a NAS for Backup.


I am running out of space on my SSD, and I see that I have a sync.log file that is 244.2 GB!!. 


I can't find anything about this (quickly) in the forum.


Can I delete this file? Does it perform the same function as the .archive folders (as a backup)? Can I move it to my HDD, where I have more room? Should I uninstall BTSync (which is installed on my SSD) and reinstall it on my HDD?


Thanks for any help!

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consider reducing the value of the advanced setting "log_size", which controls how large logs are allowed to become before being rotated.


What is the value measured in? In Sync 1.3.109, the default value is set at 10. But 10 what...?

As 244.2GB is a whopper of a log file, I hope the value isn't terrabytes :D

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