Problem After Restarting Pc's

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I am new with this matter.


I have 3 PC's : 1 on Windows 7 64bit, 2 on Linux Mint 13 32 bit

Initially I added folder "Documents" on all PCs : during sync folder Documents(1) appeared on both PC Linux

Finally the sync was compled and I had access to my data in folder Documents PC Win and folders Documents(1) in both PCs Linux.


After restarting all PCs, I had to start over the initial setup on both PCs Linux to make sync possible, but now folder Documents(2) appeared on both PCs Linux.


What I am doing wrong ?

I presume that after a reboot the system should automaticly sync again in the same folders as initially installed




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Thanks to the article "linux-desktop-gui-unofficial-packages-for-bittorrent-sync" of tuxpoldo in forum "sync general discussion" my problem is solved.

All is working as I wanted


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