Use Predefined Hosts => Can't Use Wildcards

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User story:

"As a user I want to restict the syncing only to a branch of a subnet to further increase the security and reduce traffic on other subnets."



In the case that you want to keep syncing of multiple machines in a sub-net local to reduce traffic you would want to switch off DHT and tracker servers. If you use LAN discovery there will still be broadcast messages generated. To remove those you would have to specify a list of predefined hosts. BUT it can well be that those are not known because you still have a DHCP server running and so you do not exactely know the IPs that are given to a new (but allowed to sync) machine. So, in a class C subnet you could work around by listing all IP's from .1 to .254 - however this is quite cumbersome and can be come even unpracticable if you have to use a class B subnet. So, it would be handy if there were wildcards that you could add in the nerwork mask. I was trying to set 192.168.100.*:3838 ; ; but sync only happened when I defined the unique IP of the other host. Is there a way to use wildcards in this list?

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