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Bittorrent Sync Error On Mybook Live Instalation Binary File

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Hi everyone,


I follow all the ways to install Bittorrent Sync. But none of the works for MybookLive 2tb.



 I tried this:






also this


teps are following:

1. You need to find out your CPU type for NAS and download proper binaries;
2. Login to your NAS over SSH
3. Transfer binaries there
4. Unzip it
5. Made chmod +x ./btsync
6. Then in browser go to your_nas_ip:8888 and configure sync


when I write the command chmod +x ./btsync i got the error menssage that :

bash: /shares/Public/btsync: cannot execute binary file


Please I will be really thankfull if somebody helps me!

Happy New Year!!!



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