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Interesting. I feel the complete opposite.


I'd really like to hear your point to this just out of curiosity!


So I for example have a couple shares in this kind of design:




And if I see Stuff or temp all the time I really cannot say who it belongs to.

By seeing the full path I know right away where I'm at when a share is starting to sync or things happen there.

And I know that I can see the full path by hovering over the name of the share - that is one step to much for me.

I'd like to see the path and not even the name of the share.

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As a single user who only shares among his own perosonal devices, I have a much simpler share structure: six folders. Always showing the full path displays useless information. The only useful information for me is the last component in the path, which is the folder name. So the full path name column crowds out other information and/or makes the window too big.


In 1.3, for example, we only see the Folder column and have to hover the mouse over the folder name to get the full path. I never hover the mouse because I already know all my full path names.


I'm asking for the option to add a column that shows the shared folder without showing the full path, not to get rid of the option to show the full path.

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