Bittorrent Sync Problem With Open/unmodified Excel Files


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I was having problems syncing Excel files, and I discovered the following.


Excel File is on Computer A and B and all sync'd

Open Excel on computer A

Open Excel on computer B

Make a change in Excel on computer A, and close Excel.

Wait a minute or so.  Close Excel on computer B, without making any changes.

Bittorrent Sync will restore the Excel file on computer A to the version before a change was saved!!!


This was tough to figure out, but I believe I know what's happening.

When you open Excel on computer B, it modifies the timestamp on the file, even if you did not save any changes!!!


See this article:;EN-US;826741


So how should Bittorrent Sync deal with this?

Without some kind of workaround, the changes made in Excel on computer A are lost!!!



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