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User story:

"As an administrator I would like to be able to export and import key+folder pairs to be able to easily set up replication schemes on different machines."



When you set up a more complex sync structure it can be painfull to type in all the keys and set up folders over and over again on multiple machines. An export into a file and import into the tool on another machine would help. It would be even better if BTSync would then ask to set up the folder structure referenced in the file on wich base-path on the new machine. But this could also be done using the local filesystem first.

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With the API you can make a call to get the folder with it's path http://www.getsync.com/api#getFolder

but you have to know the secret but since that is ususally static once you set it up it would be just "easy" to write down the secrets in a file and save it somewhere.


But of course this will only work if you have the folders set up with that BitTorrent Sync instance having the API Key in the config.


With that you can basically just have a script iterating over a list of secrets and getting the folder dir.

After that you just grap and manipulate the "dir:" value to your needs and execute a script calling the add folder api call.

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