Linux: Speed Limited To About 2Mb/s On Gbit Lan

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I have a 1GBit wired lan in my home (CAT5E cabling), running a variety of linux machines (1-3) and a windows laptop:


-Machine 1: A Dual Core AMD 64Bit something MHz with 4GB of RAM

-Machine 2: A Via Epia 1GHz with Intel GBit NIC

-Machine 3: A Linksys NMH300 Mediahub (ARM V5/400MHz/64MB Ram) running Debian Linux

-Machine 4: My Lenovo Laptop/4GB RAM/SSD running windows 8.x with a GBit NIC.


When speed testing the raw data transfer rates I get to the following values between the three:


With NC:  

Machine 1-2: ~600MBit

Machine 1-3: ~350MBit


Over SMB/Cifs with stock settings from machine 4:

Machine 1: ~50MB/s reading and writing I guess

Machine 2: Reading ~30MB/s, writing ~20MB/s

Machine 3: Reading ~16MB/s, writing ~12MB/s

Large files transfer over the network without any problems.


Over BTSync:

Machine 1-2: 2MB/s

Machine 1-3: 2MB/s

Machine 1-4: ~5MB/s (over WiFi, this is a reasonable value for my house).


All BTSync traffic in my LAN is non-encrypted, read and write buffers set to 10MB, other settings are stock settings.


Machines 2 and 3 require full CPU Load to get to about 2 MB/s. The transfer rates mentioned are the ones read from the bottom of the web interface, not the ones displayed next to the transfers. This transfer is the only one running while performing the test.

The speed mentioned at the bottom of the web interface matches roughly with the throughput of my NIC's measured by IPTRAF. 

The speed displayed next to the transfers is far off this value, usually 2-10 times the thoughput IPTRAF measures on my NIC.


Now I have the following problems:

-The value of the throughput (both read and write) displayed by the BTSync web interface next to the transfers is very wrong, both on 3 linux machines, as well as on a windows 8.1 and a windows Vista machine.


-Both of my more energy efficient linux machines are basically limited at about 2MB/s. They seem to be almost equally fast. Sometimes rates up to 2.2MB, sometimes only 1.5MB.


Now I know these two aren't speed monsters, but 2MB/s seems a bit slow even for these boys. I'm also surprised by seeing two machines who have a factor 2 between them when it comes to SMB speed are equally slow when using BTSync.


What could be the problem here?

The BTSync build used is 1.4.103 BETA on all machines by the way.

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+1 I have the same issue, on different machines, and my settings are:


- relay server off
- server tracker on
- set all lan decrypt off
- set all my devices to static IP and added predefined hosts to all
- increase the max buffers to 99999
- set disk priority low to 'false'
The speed is approx 2-3 Mb per second. One evening the speed was 25 Mb per second, but the next morning it was all slow again.
My internet speed is approx 150Mbps, I download with 11 Mb per second.
Do you have any more tips how to increase the sync speed?
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Any thoughts from BTSync on this subject here?


My settings (input using debconf, I am using the Debian packages by Tuxpoldo):

-Do you want to define a default BitTorrent Sync instance: yes

-BTSync is running as user "btsync"

-Nice value of the daemon: 19 (I have used other values up to -20 with zero impact)

-Web interface bind to IP address:

-Web interface listen port: 8888

-Should BTSync allow only SSL connections to the Web UI? No.

-Start path for the web interface folder browser: <no input>

-Bittorrent Sync API Key: <no input>

-Do you want to configure folder defaults: yes

-Should old version of file be preserved by default?: yes

-Should Bittorrent Sync use DHT by default: yes (setting this to no had no impact)

-Should Bittorrent Sync use LAN Broadcasts by defautl: yes (I have not experimented with this value)

-Should Bittorent Sync use external relay servers when needed: yes (I think require this as I do some syncing with machines outside my LAN

-Should Bittorrent Sync use external tracker servers by default? yes (I think require this as I do some syncing with machines outside my LAN

-Default known hosts list for new shared folders: <no input>

-Do you want to configure advanced parameters: yes

-Umask value to set for the daemon: <no input>

-External port number reported to the tracker: 0

-Should BitTorrent Sync perform disk operations with low priority?: Yes (setting this to no makes no difference)

-Should Bittorrent Sync encrypt data on the local network: no

-Should Bittorrent Sync apply speed limits also in local networks: no

-Fall back folder rescan interval in seconds: 86400 (once very day instead of every 10 mins)

-Maximum file size difference for patching: <no input>

-Maximum file size for versioning: <no input>

-Send buffer size: 5MB (20 or 10MB makes no difference)

-Receive buffer size: 5MB (20 or 10MB makes no difference)

-Maximum time difference between divices: <no input>

-Maximum time to live for versioned copies: <no input>

-Debug logfile size in MB: 10

-Peer expiration days: 14

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