Why Am I Getting Lots Of .!sync Files?

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Hello guys, I wonder why I am getting too many *.!sync files.


My laptop (windows 8.1) is synced with my phone (android kitkat).

I have folders from the laptop on read-only and read&write mode into my phone and I have folders from the phone on read-only mode into my laptop. (one question: is there anyway to put folders from the phone in read&write mode?)


I realized that I got a bunch of .!sync files in my laptop.




why? how can I fix that? Thanks! 

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.!sync files are temporary "placeholders" for incoming files.


Once all the data has been received for a file, it is automatically renamed to have its .!sync extension removed.


Basically, .!sync files are incomplete transfers.


If you have persistent .!sync files, it may be that Sync has got stuck.


To resolve, exit sync on all your devices, delete any .!sync files, and restart Sync.


This will force Sync to restart those "stuck" transfers

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