Ios App Camera Backup Auto Sync Disconnecting

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Hi, I'm way new here. So if my post is in the wrong spot, please be kind and point me to the right area. I'm getting started with BTsync and trying to figure out why the app keeps disconnecting when I work on other stuff. I have everything connected and approved on both ends. A great example of this would be the camera backup function. When uploading the camera roll, I don't want to sit there and wait 30 minutes in the app, so I go and do other things. I think it keeps going in the background. However, if I exit the app, my phone will go to sleep. As soon as my phone goes to sleep, the app disconnects. I just think that's odd. Is this simply a limitation of a 3rd party app not being able to run when the phone is locked or is it a bug? Either way it's annoying.


Also, when taking a picture, it doesn't auto sync unless I exit the camera, open up the app and go into the camera backup area. It then indexes and finds the new photo, then connects and syncs. Shouldn't it detect the photo as soon as I take it with the camera and upload it if the app is open in the background? Again, not sure if this is simply a iOS limitation or if it's an oversight in the app functionality. Please help. I'm trying to build a scalable backup system and mobile backup is a key component, but I need it to be "hands-off" for the user. Thanks. 



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"Automatic backup" means that newly taken photos and videos will be automatically backed up,,,, yes, when Sync is in foreground. iOS kills apps in background (apart from a limited number of them), so Sync is just stopped. 

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thanks for the reply. But since I hardly open Sync day-to-day, it's not really much of an "automatic" backup then...


I know ios kills background apps, however, since iOS 7 you can do real background processes which can be woken up from time to time. Several photo backup apps use this nowadays (dropbox, google+, flickr, photosync), so this can definitely work. Without that, the feature is relatively useless...

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Photosync uses geofence, for example. You can define locations where it gets activated. That would be a start.


Can't you set a wake-up timer so it happens regularly?

Actually, Flickr uses the "significant-change location service", and doesn't require push notifications. This is very low on battery and would make sure the app is awoken from time to time... This is probably the easiest to implement...


See here:

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there is Feature Requests forum, where the team looks for most popular requests. All of the requests are noted, but some of them just have nothing to add (: 

As for background on iOS, at present this cannot be done due to iOS peculiarities and Sync's concept - it doesn't use any http and doesn't have any central server with your files, unlike dropbox. 

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