Mobile Client Always Restore Files

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4 devices online:

3 of them - windows (7, vista and 2008r2)

1 of them - android (Jelly Bean 4.1.x)


all clients are latest (1.4.106 desktop and android)


So, any change of any file in any subfolder on any desktop client result of other desktop clients normaly download changed file - its ok. But some minutes later changed file restored from android client!

Same crap with deleted file. I cant delete file! It restored from android client some minutes after I delete it!

Only way to delete or change file - close android client and manualy delete file from mobile device.


Oh, I know, you need logs... Is current android client broken only for me?


PS. I hate current UI of desktop btsync. Please, let me use WebGUI with firefox, NOT STUPID IE. Please.

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