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I'm asking if there is any android SDK/library available which would enable me to include Bittorrent Sync features in an android application.

Imagine 200 android tablets all displaying (the same) media content to the tablet users.
The media content is displayed using an android application we have created.
The media content is currently around 10GBs in size and is frequently updated, some of the media content changes but not all of it.
Media content being video, audio and image files.

Currently when the media content changes we have to manually connect each tablet to a computer and transfer the new content and delete old content.

So we're hoping that we can:

1) Make a folder available via Bittorrent Sync.
This folder would contain the 10GBs of media content.

2) Embed Bittorrent Sync in our android application.

And then the android tablets would sync their local media content with the remote folder and update as necessary.

I've searched the forums and found much the same question asked before but the question got no reply and is dated December 2013.
I know we can install the android Sync application from the Play Store to acheive our goal but we'd ideally like to embed the Bittorrent Sync functionality within our android application.

So can anyone answer my question?



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