Syncing Twice .. Folder And Subfolder?

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Hi there..


we are using Bittorrent sync with much success in an Agency that produces TV Shows and Event visuals with much success.... and now we have a workflow question...


We would like to have two or three machine in the Network to sync all Files for a Project (wich tend to be gigantic) .. for the Work machines where we produce the Visuals we would love to not have all Project Files (like Administration and final files).. soo we thought about doing the following setup:


One Folder containing all Files gets synced with a key.. on the Big machines 

one of the Subfolder we need to work on the Visuals itself gets another sync with another key...


Basically it is like a Usermanagement, so one would say that user can only sync that subfolder, another one can sync the whole folder... as I see there is anything like that implemented in v2, but not for subfolders...

So the question ist.. would that setup work? is there any problem that you see in doing so?

Thank you

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Indeed, you should take a look at Sync v2.0 Alpha. It allows to avoid syncing all the files in the folder - only those that you want to have on your PC. So, with 2.0 you setup would be next: all your machines have the same folder synced. The servers have "Sync all" enabled. The working machines have "Sync all" disabled and will sync only working files you really need, while huge visuals are just available for syncing, but wont' be delivered automatically.

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