[Solved] Annoying Display Corruption

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I've recently installed version 1.4.106 beta on my Dell XPS 12 with 1920 x 1080 display.  I get the weird display corruption show below.  Diagonal crosses are a recurring theme.  I can't read pop-ups, and column headers are often unreadable too.


Thanks for looking. 


Actually, I don't seem to be able to post the image - is there a way to attach a jpg file so you can see what I'm talking about?




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Very strange indeed!


Although, as you're seeing the same issue outside of Sync (i.e. in your browser when viewing these forums), it's not going to be an issue specific to Sync.


It's potentially more of an issue with your graphics card/resolution/display drivers.


First, try changing your screen resolution first to see if that makes any difference, but it's more likely to be an issue with the actual display drivers themselves. Consider re-installing/updating them, or contact the manufacturer of your graphics card for further support.

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Thanks - I had already tried chanhing display resolution and various themes, but the artefact remained.  I've had the machine for a year and not seen anything like it with other applications.  However, I took your advice and went to the Dell site to get the latest firmware and drivers.  Two reboots later - it's fixed!


Thanks for your help.

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