Get The Config File For My Sync Instance

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I've set up a linux server with bittorrent sync. The folders are on an external HDD drive.


After almost 24h it finally finished indexing - yes the server is slow - but the HDD still doesn't spin down. This is a little troubling, I'm sure the external HDD is not supposed to run non-stop. 


Apparently this is connected to the indexing intervals. Sync will check the folder for changes every 10 minutes and that keeps the HDD from spinning down. I need to adjust this indexing interval.

This seemed perfect:

Unfortunately in my advanced settings there is no option to change the interval (linux web ui).


I've read that the interval can also be set by a config file which is given to the executable via the --config flag. Great, but I still need to get that config file.


I dumped a sample config file, which would need to be adapted, but before I do that, I have two questions :


1. Is it possible to get the "current" config file ? Which contains the configuration, that btsync uses right now, eg correct folders, correct ports, correct user-name ?


I'm afraid that passing a config file will mess up the folders that are already indexed. It would be a shame if another 24h were lost on that.


2. If the "current" config file is not available, if I have to adjust the sample config, what do I need to change ? Which settings are important and which are dangerous ?


I tried to find a tutorial which tells me where to be careful, but so far, I haven't found it.

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1.) No the indexing of files does not interfere with the config file that should be fine.


2.) It depends. Is the server at home and the webgui only accessable in your home network?

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