Require Advice On: Blocked Bittorrent Protocol Bypass

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I am sitting with the problem of many companies associating the bittorrent protocol with piracy and just throttle or block it. To overcome this problem I have been thinking of using a SSH tunnel between my work network and home network. I am guessing that if the listening port or port 3838 is opened, the BTSync clients would be able to negotiate and connect with one another.


Any advice on the matter would be appreciated.  





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The best advice would be to educate those enforcing the blocks that not all bittorrent/P2P traffic relates to downloading illegal/copyrighted movies/games/software etc, and that Sync is an application for keeping you own files in sync between your own devices, it's not a "torrenting" client for downloading illegal content!


As you can specify/change Sync's listening port, you could perhaps talk to those responsible for blocking P2P traffic, explain what Sync is and how it works, and see if they're willing to open up a dedicated port for you to use with Sync.

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