Bt Sync Destroys Files


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I love BT Sync. Best thing since soap on a roap.


But with Firefox, whenever I download a executable file it is invalid when finished. It usually works if  pause BT Sync while downloading. But this last time I downloaded Firefox installation to bring to work (offline installations only) and I did it about ten times.

I closed the BT Sync (paused but still interfering?) applikation and finally I got my files.


Check for file locks or wait for untouched files? Needs attention.


Still love pretty much love it. For mostly static content.



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Thx, I will try to provide you with the information needed. Was about to try the latest beta but the file was corrupted when I tried to install it ...

I have four peers and one of them is a Synology NAS, the rest is WIndows 7.


And FYI, I downloaded ProcessMonitor and a little while before the, the latest Tomcat version. Both files are 0kb ...


BTS 1.4.103

Btw, using the extension Download Status Bar for downloads, perhaps that is the problem.

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Is the corrupted file 0 bytes? If so, then it might be the same problem I'm having. For instance, saving an open PDF file in Firefox to a syned folder (right click - save as). The file saves allright, but is then turned into a 0 byte file by BTSync. The original, in-tact file is moved to the .sync/Archive folder.


I've sent in logs of it occuring to the support email (#18530).

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