Should I Upgrade From 1.3.105 To Latest Version?


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I've been using btsync to sync a large amount of folders and files between my Windows 7 and Mac Yosemite computers, and it has been working just fine. I remember reading horror stories about the new btsync version a while back, so I never upgraded.

Currently, I'm wondering if things are better and I'm safe to upgrade? Any reason to upgrade from 1.3.105?


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I'm still on 1.3.109 and have no plans to upgrade to 1.4.  I'm waiting to see how 2.0 turns out before I decide to stay with btsync or look for alternatives.  Right now, 1.3 is working fine for me.


You might want to install 1.4 in a couple of VMs and test it out first before you make any kind of decision.  Doing this is what convinced me there really is no reason for me to "upgrade".

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