How To Use Bittorrent Sync As Pure P2P System

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I installed Bittorrent Sync 1.4.110.

I read some topics regarding privacy, and I understand hash is not privacy data.


But I would like to use Bittorrent Sync as pure P2P system.


Share(mail,copy,QR code) will use internet connection(https://link.getsync.com/~).

So I will use "copy key" in settings.

I disalbed both "use tracker server" and "use relay server".


I believed this will work pure P2P system.


But I found my firewall logs continue to show connection between

ec2-54-225-196-38.compute-1.amazonaws.com UDP 3000 and my local pc.

How can I stop this?


To disable "use relay sever" does not work?

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I have noticed the same thing in my firewall logs too. All my LAN BTSync machines are constantly trying to send out messages on port 3000 and I have "use relay server" unchecked. The setting doesn't seem to be working.

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