Btsync Through Proxy With Putty, Not Working


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It is my understanding that it should be possible to tunnel BTSYNC through ssh and bypass then any firewall configuration, but I haven't been able to find any guide AND I cannot make it work.


What I do:


- In my work computer configure putty to tunnel the (source) port 15000 to the IP of my home connection, where the destination is dynamic.

- Configure my home router to forward the 22 connection towards my raspberry pi

- Start putty and log into my raspberry pi ssh server

- In my computer configure BTSYNC to use a socks (4 or 5) proxy pointing to localhost:15000


And that should work or I am wrong? It doesn't as BT doesn't find any peer.

And if I configure Firefox to use this proxy server, I do have internet and my IP looks like my home IP, so I'd say putty is working as it is expected.


Then, what is the problem?



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So far I have been able to use ProxyCap to route firefox but not Bittorrent Sync. Surprisingly I was able to start syncing 2 folders (of the 6 or 8 I have). I have disconnected them because they were the least urgent and so far, I still see my (now) 4 folders without any available peers.


I have tried using and not using proxy when ProxyCap is supposed to route it without any difference. I need this desperately, anyone has any idea?

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