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We're seeking some testers for the Drobo package we've been working on. This package is based on 1.4.103. It is likely that this package will not be updated until 2.0 launches. 


This package is only intended for the Drobo 5N.


NOTE: The contents of this Sync folder are 1.4.103. For 2.0, please see:


Sync Key for folder containing this package:



If you're on Windows/Mac, you can add this Sync Key with the "Enter a key..." drop down.


You'll need to place BitTorrent_Sync.tgz in to the DroboApps share (\\<IP-of-Drobo-5N>\DroboApps or smb://<IP-of-Drobo-5N>/DroboApps)


With the introduction of Dashboard 2.5.x, the "DroboApps" share is no longer visible in Dashboard; however, you can manually access the share with these instructions:


After placing the .tgz, you'll need to restart your device.


Sync will then be running on port 8888 of your Drobo, e.g.: http://<IP-of-Drobo-5N>:8888


For reporting problems, I'm a big fan of using Jing ( for quickly recording and uploading video or annotated images. 
It is a lot easier for me to understand and reproduce issues by referencing video / annotated images.
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