Ui Seems To Inconsistently Represent Current State.


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I added two folders to two devices. The contents of the folder were the same and around 130GB. Even after many hours (on same LAN) the UI says "status" is either "Out of sync", "Out of sync - indexing" or "Sending" or "No peers online".


Even when it says "No peers online", the "peers" column says "1 of 1 Peer" and when I click it says it has 48GB to upload to the peer.


Even when it says "Sending", the "sending" and "receiving" and "progress" columns are all empty.


Even when the peers modal says it has 48GB to upload to the peer, status is just "Out of sync" and nothing is in "sending" or "receiving" or "progress".


Sometimes "receiving" or "sending" or "progress" (or any combination thereof) shows some activity, but the "status" is not "sending" or "receiving".


This makes it very hard to trust that BitTorrent sync is actually doing anything at all, or to trust that it is doing what it says it is doing (when it says it is doing anything).


Why is it so random and unreliable?


This is on 1.4.110.


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