Android-Computer: Repeated Editing Of File Leads To Non-Sync

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Dear All,


I must be doing something seriously wrong because the following makes no sense to me. This is the summary:


Any file that exists in an android device will not sync back to it if it is modified in another device (Android or computer). 


So even if we have two-way sync, this is a very limited two-way sync: after a round of modifications, there is no longer two-way sync.



Reproducible examples:


- Create a directory in computer and share it with one Android device

- Create a file in that directory in the computer: call it A. E.g. echo A > A

- It gets synced with the Android device.

- Edit A in the Android device: e.g., echo android >> A

- Gets synced back to computer.

- Edit A in computer. E.g., echo computer_again >> A


- A no longer gets synced to the Android. There is a cross next to it, and no way to get it in the Android device. In the Android device we are told by the app that about 200 B/s are being uploaded and 1.5 kB downloaded, wheread the computer gui shows "out of sync".


In fact, the same thing happens if we share something between two Android devices, or two Android devices and a computer, etc.



This not only happens with silly text files. It happens with PDFs too. I just tested this with a PDF:


- Add a PDF file in the computer. It gets synced to the Android. Then add a comment  in the android device, then it moves OK to computer; add a comment in the computer, and then it no longer gets to the Android device;


- Add a PDF in the computer. It gets synced to the Android. Now add a comment (or underline, or whatever) in the PDF in the computer, and it no longer makes it to the Android.



What gives here?



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I have confirmed the above several times again, even if the time between successive edits in is over 4 minutes (so funny issues with clocks, etc, can not be held responsible ---and yes, the clock of all the devices is the same, at least at second resolution).


There seem to be a couple of ways to minimize the issues:


- delete files under .list/Archive


- in the computer settings, uncheck the "Store deleted files in folder archive" (which is the same as keeping the above directory empty)



For now, I can live with the second solution, since the way for BTsync to "solve conflicts" is really poor anyway (you'd never now there are conflicts, unless you do forensics on .list/Archive, which ain't the way to go with 10000 files).


But still, this is not the way to solve things in my opinion. Moreover, even with this options, I still get BTsync not to be a reliable solution when I have two Android devices (this is in another thread).



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Thanks. I am trying 2.0 beta, which does not suffer from those problems so far (but suffers from other problems when using two Android devices, which also are a definite show stopper for me --- I've reported those just now).

rdiaz02, I'm suffering from the same problems as you have. Really a showstopper for me too. Could you tell me what issues the 2.0 version has that doesn't work out for you? Or did you by now manage to find a solution?

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