Sync Client Shows Files Need To Be Downloaded

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I'm seeing some "odd" behavior, and was hoping to get some input.


First one is that I have a couple of clients running 24/7 to facilitate constant sync, but these clients state they need to update files worth the entire size of the folder (see pics below) but when looking on another client (not themselves) they are listed as updated. Looking in the folder on of those clients show they seem to have all files there.

Client 1:


Client 2:


Client 3:



The other part is the naming. As you can see on client 3, both client 1 and 2 are shown by their names. But on either client 1 or 2 the counterpart is shown by its private IP address. While they do have the same private IP address, they are not sitting on the same LAN (they are in two geographically separate locations).


Any ideas?




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The IP instead of the peer name means that Client 3 was not able to directly connect to C1 and C2. at least to NEB....V01 it's connected via relay (see arrow icon)

On the whole it looks like peers were not able to merge their folders. The quick fix for it is to re-connect the folder.

The long fix - is to send logs from all peers. Also please describe your network environment and peers OS, put the link to this topic. 

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