Not Syncing When Using Two Tablets And A Laptop

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If I have BTsync running on two tablets (Android) and a laptop, after a couple of rounds of editing files in one or both of the tablets, things no longer sync to one of the tablets. The only way to "solve" it is to Exit the android BTsync app and restart.


- It does not matter whether auto-sync is enabled or not-


- Clikcing "Sync" will do nothing, except show that there is an up and down flow of a few B or kB (which makes no sense, because this happens with files that can be 60 B big).


- I have made sure that no editor, etc, is actually keeping those files open in the tablet.


- I have disabled "Store deleted files in folder archive" to make sure possible conflicts do not interfere.



To reproduce:


- sync a folder between a computer and two tablets.

- create a file, say A:

echo a > A

- make it appear in both tablets.

- wait sometime.

- edit in one tablet.

- appears in computer.

- edit again, in computer or same tablet.

- repeat once or twice, and the other tablet will not sync it (even when it reports the size of the file correctly).

- click on sync: you will see up and down traffic, but to no avail.



I do not understand this behavior.







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rdiaz02, Do you see 7b/s speed after you updated your file?  If yes, there may be a known bug and we'll fix it in future updates. As workaround you can move your files outside your shared folder then put it back.

We couldn't reproduce that bug in the upcoming 2.0 release, so you can try it if you want:


But please note, that 2.0 settings are not compatible with 1.4, so please read all information carefully.

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