Two Way Sync Not Working From Android To Laptop. Laptop To Android Works

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First post please understand this.


Hello all.  I need a bit of help:


Here is my scenario:

1. On my computer I create a folder called "research" and add it to Sync and copy the r/w key.
2. On my Android, I copy r/w key to Sync and select a source folder (we'll call this folder "research").
3. On my Android, I now expect to download file "A" to the folder "research".
4. On my computer (assuming appropriate data connectivity) I should see file "A" (originally downloaded from android) in the folder "research". 
At present, this doesn’t happen.  What does occur is this?  If I manually add a file from within sync on android, it might show up on the computer or not (I am still researching what works here and what does not). However, If I add a file on the computer, it will show up on android. I thought using the r/w key meant any changes detected on either device would be mirrored to all peers.
I would like to have a mirror copy of the home directory of my android so that anything created on android would then appear on computer.  Similar to iCloud.  At present, sync only works one way, from computer to device.  Is this a flaw or feature?  What am I not taking into consideration?
Computer is OS X, Android is virtual box image (plain android image)
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As an update, after about an hour of waiting I noted that a file I downloaded on the android device did in fact get synced to the computer.  If anyone can provide direction on why sync would take so long I would appreciate it.  This is part of a larger strategy of moving from android to iOS and having some cloud functionality without relying completely on google or dropbox etc.

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Sync won't commence syncing until its finished indexing the contents of the folder in question. Therefore, if the folder has just been added to Sync and is very large in size/contains a lot of files then depending upon the speed/performance of your device hardware, it can take a little time to complete the initial index of the folder. Once this initial indexing has complete, syncing will then occur. If you then subsequently add/modify/delete files in the folder whilst Sync is running, Sync won't perform a full re-index of the entire folder contents each time, and syncing should then occur much quicker.

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