Connecting To Disconnected Folders Without Permission?


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Hi there!


Sync 2.0 seems to be working so far...after quite a challenging setup for three pc's and two Android devices. Thanks to the developers for all the work! If, after updates, this keeps on working like how I set it up, I would buy the software.


One thing though, I notice that no matter what settings I fondle with, when I share folders, with "disconnected" setting by default, other linked devices can always add those folders to sync, without me having to give them permission. Even though I select that permission is required.

My setup is the following:


PC 1 shares folder "shared" with PC 2, and Android 1 & 2, read/write.

PC 1 shares folder 1 with Android 1.

PC 2 shares folder 2 with Android 2.


Also I like two-way sync backup of the camera folder of the two Androids.

Android 1 camera to PC 1.

Android 2 camera to PC 2.


This was a little tricky. I had all the pictures on the PC already via USB (which turned out to be necessary to get my desired setup working). I then renamed the DCIM\Camera folder to DCIM\Camera_old. If I would not do that, when adding the desired PC's folder for the camera sync via QR code to the Android camera folder, it would give an unknown error. So I created the camera folder over again on the Android, and pumped back the pictures from the PC to that folder, for both PC 1 & Android 1, and PC 2 & Android 2.


Ok, no problem. At least I got it working. And tomorrow I'll setup a network backup with a backup PC, PC 3. I'll have PC 1 backup folder "shared", folder 1, the Android 1 Camera folder, and it's Lightroom database & pictures with backup PC 3. And PC 2 will backup folder 2, the Android 2 Camera folder and it's Lightroom database & pictures also to backup PC 3.


Only thing is, PC 2 can, without PC 1's intervention, automatically connect to the default disconnected folder 1 and the Android 1 Camera folder of PC 1. And in turn PC 1 can also automatically connect to folder 2 and the Android 2 Camera folder of PC 2. The Androids can also connect to the disconnected folders.


I would like this not to be possible. Any tips? Thanks in advance!

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As I understand, you united all your devices under single identity. I.e. all devices can see each other in "My devices" section. This is the reason why all of them can get free access (or even remove) folder from other peers in "My devices".


If you want some peer to not to be able to connect folders without permission - you should disconnect it from your "My devices" list. In this case you'll need to add folder to it via link (or QR code) - and it will request for approval.

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Thanks RomanZ.


I think I did try this. While setting up the BitTorrent Sync software, I selected "this is the first device running BitTorrent", instead of connecting to one. Then the added folders showed the number "1.4" on them, which probably indicates that it's functioning as the 1.4 version of this software.

I noticed it then somehow wouldn't sync, so I decided to connect devices. Perhaps there was a glitch, I'll try again in a minute.


Are there any disadvantages in that setup when it comes to speed that you know of?

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Thanks very much for your suggestion. I just disconnected the backup PC from the devices, and added a shared read-only folder manually. Now approval was needed too, since I selected that option, and it's syncing as I type. So far so good. I think yesterday I tried this setup with Android, and it didn't start syncing for some reason. I'll try that again later, after I setup the backup PC syncs, and will post with an update whether or not it's fully working this time.


I think the confusion came from the fact that after installing BitTorrent Sync 2, it gave two options, connect to a device already running BitTorrent Sync, or selecting that it's the first one.

The second option seems needed for a stand alone peer-to-peer solution, but employees (amateur networking administrators) of small peer-to-peer offices might get a little confused and not select that option, thinking the first option is needed because they already installed the software on a machine. :)


Besides the little hassle, the software seems quite fenomenal!



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