Remove A Few "stuck" Devices From Devices List?


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Hi there,


Is there a way to remove a few linked devices from the devices list that are not used anymore?
While setting up BitTorrent Sync on two Androids, the program kept crashing a few times, which forced me to reconfigure the setup. No problem, it happens, but it did link already with another "main" device, and on there the two unused devices are staying "out of sync" in the list. Any way to remove those?



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The only possible way I could find was to delete sync from those devices and create a new identity and connect the devices using the new key for linked devices.


Right now it seems that there is no way to delete a device that is not the device your currently working on.

Meaning: you can unlink a device by going into the My Devices settings and then click on the device that says "(this device)" and then on "Unlink this Device"


But removing remote devices is not possible at them moment. Would be nice to have a functionality like that though...

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