How To Install Latest Version On Ubuntu14.04

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I've been using bittorrent sync for about a year now and I'm pretty sure that I've upgraded versions in the past but I can't figure out how to do it this time.  When I open my web UI it gives me a message that there is a new version.  I download and follow the step,i.e. run ./btsync  but this does not upgrade my current version.  Any thoughts?




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If you originally installed using Tuxpoldo's unofficial Linux packages, then you should upgrade using the 'apt-get upgrade' process.


I've just updated the btsync-common package. But it will take one or two hours to publish....

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The PPA will be updated soon: http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/18974-debian-and-ubuntu-server-unofficial-packages-for-bittorrent-sync/page-34#entry101355

To stay on 1.4, you need to remove the current PPA and add another.


I updated to 2.0 a while ago by replacing the btsync-core in /usr/lib/btsync-common/.

This file is just the normal btsync binary, so you can replace it with the binary from the download page.

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