I Was In Support Of Sync 2.0, Right Up Till They Broke A Promise

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When 2.0 was released there was a lot of grumbling about it being a paid subscription.  While I understand that point of view there were 2 overlooked facts that made it exciting to me:   1) There will

Regardless of many of the other things written in this thread: While btsync does a good job most of the time, often it gets in a "Out of sync" status or otherwise just stops synching. This problem has

Nope, it's safe to say I, at least, have not lost my mind.  I have a clear memory of promises of no features removed from 1.4.   I also have cognitive faculties to realize that $40/year is a huge barg

Well... it's really good to see that they listened. A couple of months ago I would have bought the license without question. I still may, but I'm more heavily invested in other products now (notably Syncthing and Plex). I'm not sure I want to go through switching systems yet again (well, ok. There's no going back from Plex, which btsync had hardly any overlap with anyway. Syncthing... maybe. It's been pretty stable of late. But I do miss some of the ease of use of BTsync and I recall it transferring much faster.)


But anyway, thanks for listening. I think this is pretty much everything most of us asked for. 

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