Private Identity Difference Between Free And Pro?

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So I'm upgrading to the Free tier of 2.0, with no plans to use the Pro tier. I'm baffled as to what I will lose after 30 days. 


According to: it appears that the identity is part of the free tier, but having a unified list of folders is part of the Pro tier? Additionally, once I disconnect from a folder, I can't reconnect to it unless I have a Pro account? How are identities and folders managed at the free tier? What happens when the Pro trial runs out?



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Yep, identity is a part of free tier and My Devices folders are part of Pro. For the folder reconnection - you can always produce a link and reconnect it via link. In Sync Free new folders (and folders removal) are not distributed over My Devices - so you have to maintain it manually.

When the license runs out (Sync will warn you in advance) My devices won't longer sync new folders / deleted folders. Existing folders will sync with some changes: on-demand folders will turn into sync-all folders and will get paused. Also, user access control will not let you do any changes.



Actually, the identity is created more for the user convenience. Identity data is not sent to bittorrent servers. You can put whatever name you want to identity, just know that it will be shown to you when you operate Sync and will be shown to other people when you exchange links with them, so just make sure they recognize you.

Technically, identity is a key pair with public key wrapped into x509 certificate. It is used to authenticate when 2 peers start talking, to generate session key. Identity in 2.0 is very similar to what is in 1.4, though 2.0 also allows use it to automatically share data about user's folders.


This is brief overview. We'll prepare more tech info on user identity for Knowledge Base.

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Guest proactiveservices

@RomanZ thanks for the brief overview (reply to fdbryant3). Please let us know once the tech info is available so we don't miss it.

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