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Windows: Bt2 Disappear On Notification Area For 2Nd User

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Hi all

I just upgraded to v2. I noted that BT icon don't apear on Windows 8.1 notification area when switching from a Windows user to anoter.



Steps to reproduce:


I start Windows and login as Windows user John:

John: BT icon visible

Then I switch to Windows user Bill (no logout John: just switch user):

Bill: BT icon NOT visible (BT process is running). Bill manually launch BT but icon still NOT visible.


Then I re-start Windows (reboot) and login as Windows user Bill:

Bill: BT icon visible

Then I switch to Windows user Jonh (no logout Bill: just switch user):

John: BT icon NOT visible (BT process is running)

Then I switch again to Bill and logout. Switch again to John:

John: BT icon is NOT visible yet, and process is running. I manually launch BT (as John obviously) and now icon is regulary visible.


Conclusion: seem that BT icon is visible for just 1 and only 1 Windows user at time when multiple Windows user are logged into Windows.



Can someone try to reproduce the issue?


Thank you

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