How To Remove Device In "my Devices"

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Assume I have 3 devices, deviceA, deviceB, and deviceC.

All 3 devices were using the same Sync account, i.e. I see all 3 devices in "My devices".


Then, I removed Sync on deviceB.

On deviceA or deviceC, in "My devices", I am still able to see deviceB.


So my question is how can I remove a device (deviceB in this example) in "My devices"?? (as it is little bit annoying to see that) 


Thank you!

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The only way I found to remove a device ist on the device itself.

Inside the "My devices" list you can remove the current device.

As you already removed sync on the device, this would not work anymore. Perhaps reinstall sync, reconnect it to your identity and hope that it will reuse the old device entry, instead of duplicating it.


If you don't plan to use Pro, you can also wait the 30 days, as the My devices only works with Pro.

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wweich's way of removing it prior to uninstalling btsync definitely seems the best way by far.


Though it looks like there is a way to do it on Windows but it doesn't seem to propagate to all of the other valid MyDevices.

Not sure if there will be any repurcusions after the trial is over either...


In \AppData\Roaming\BitTorrent Sync\.SyncUserXXXXXXXX\ there is a devices folder. I stopped BTSync, opened the folders and read through the info.dat files, finding two old devices I don't use anymore. Deleted those folders, started up BTSync and those two devices no longer show in MyDevices.

But on my Android they still do.


What's interesting is that the .SyncUserXXXXX folder is synced (note the folder icon and more importantly the .sync subfolder with the standard IgnoreList and such). I assume this is [only] synced across devices registered in MyDevices but if so, then why didn't my folder deletions propagate? R/O?


Interesting that BTSync can sync a directory invisible to the UI :D Although it is a clever way to use the application itself to keeps the whole MyDevices thing in sync.

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I have the same problem and for me it is urgent, because one of my devies has been stolen. So what is the best way to remove it?

I would like to go for the pro version, but this really is an important feature, so I hope it is not missing.

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@all, @kramttocs

Although "My devices" uses sync folder to propagate your folders, it uses different mechanism of cleanup and "peer_expiration_days" won't affect it. We are aware of the issue with cleaning up duplicates or devices that will never appear there again - and we plan to  address it in future builds.



You cannot delete your files remotely - as they will move into Archive instead of actual removing. You cannot remove remote device from "My devices" mesh, so you'll need to re-generate your identity, add all folders from scratch on new identity and link all your other devices to this new identity. If there are some 1.4 folders - re-add them manually to regenerate keys.

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@kramttocs' answer worked for me on OS X with BitTorrent Sync 2.0.120.


The equivalent directory on OS X is at:

~/Library/Application Support/BitTorrent Sync/.SyncUserXXXXXXXXXX/devices/


For the benefit of non-advanced OS X users, the folder can be opened in the OS X Finder by running the following in the Terminal app:

$ open ~/'Library/Application Support/BitTorrent Sync'/.SyncUser*/devices/
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There is no way to remotely disconnect a device, but you can disconnect the local ones, which in the end is still the same


1) remove all the folders from Sync from your local device. When you "Remove" it, the folder is also removed from Sync from other *linked devices*, so at this point syncing will stop. 
2) Unlink your local devices from the current identity. Better reinstall Sync with deleting the settings. And create new identity for them. At this point the stolen device will not have access to your identity and the folder you will be adding to Sync.
Well, and if License is purchased - apply it once again.
However, the files residing on the stolen device will be available for the thief. However, prior to step 1 you may delete the files from sync folders on your devices, hoping that Sync runs on the stolen one and deletion will be propagated (placed to archive though). So please be careful with your belongings :)
There is article about it  
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I'm not sure that a way to disconnect devices remotely can be implemented, at least in the near future. Devices can be disconnected only locally. 

Starting from Sync 2.0.120 there is a way to hide the offline devices in My devices list. This is available for desktops only though, so there you can hide your offline iPhone from the list.

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I've run into small little issues like this with Bittorrent sync after the 2.0 update. I would love to see things like this get updates quickly to make the users happy and prevent future issues. The fact that a device can be stolen, the information cannot be remotely removed, and the old devices can't be removed from the my devices list is silly. This has been a known issue since march. Sure the development at Bittorrent Sync is working hard to improve the program, but I feel more emphasis should be made on figuring out solutions to problems like this.

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If your device is stolen, you can unlink all your local devices from the current identity, and create a new one of them. So the stolen device will stop being a part of it. See my post above. 


We understand your worries, but even if remote unlinking is implemented, the data (not only Sync's!!!) will remain on the stolen device. And we do hope for people being careful with their devices and files, having passwords, encryption whatever to protect private data.


It doesn't mean that we do not care about security. But Sync is initially designed as a syncing solution providing a fair level of security, privacy and protection.

You can keep Archive disabled, and if device is stolen, delete the files from your local devices having this propagated to the lost one. 

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Uncleatt if you want to remove your Mac mini from your Devices list in My Devices you have to, before you format everything, go in BitTorrent Sync settings and unlink it from there. There is a help guide under

If you just delete everything before unlinking a device it will still be attached to your My Devices and can't be removed. You can hide it by clicking the X in My Devices view on every Device that is still active but it always will be there.


What I would suggest, if you don't already have a huge Sync setup with multiple people: start over on all devices with a clean, new ID.

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Device can be unlinked only locally. This is how Sync is currently designed. 

Indeed, NAS vendors do not bother about it, and they do not watch how the packages work. Their job is to put the packaged to the shipped app store and make sure that it can be installed on a given NAS model. Design and work of the package - is the developer's business. 

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