Is Sync 2.0 Sharing Via Links Less Secure That 1.4 Share By Key

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To share a folder between two devices in sync 1.4 you had to share a text key between those devices. As the key was completely self contained you had complete control over the transfer of this key and so could do so in a way which you could be sure was not eaves dropped.


In sync 2.0 when you manually share a folder it now creates a link (beginning Surely this means that as well as being a single point of failure, the server also knows everytime you share a folder (information which could be shared with NSA etc?) Is the encryption key (or certificate) transfered via that server (which means that if that server was compromised it would also compromise anyone using sync 2.0)?

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I understand that Bittorrent has to find a way to make money with the product.

But using now a Bittorrent server system in between the process of connecting clients sharing data, btsync is now exactly doing what I do not want at all: Giving someone Information about my (social) network.


For establishing the links between btsync clients, the provider of the data and the receivers have to use the link ... so, Bittorrent knows exactly who is connecting to whom and sharing data.

Privacy was one of the biggest advantages of btsync for me comparing to cloud solutions.


Sorry but with current 2.0 mechanism btsync is a NOGO for me. I know  that you can still create 1.4 "classic" folders by doing a shift+click on the "add folder" button in the webGUI. But latest with the remove of this feature btsync is "out" of my environment.


My 2 cents worth.

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