Did 2.0 Just Screw Us On Android

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Well it is already known I am not happy with 2.0 upgrade because of the 10 folder limit (and to a lesser degree the subscription model).  The only redeeming thing about it was - well at least I can stick with 1.4 and it will continue to work just as it has been (you one of those selling points used early on to convince people to give Sync a chance).


Except - I just realized that my Android was automatically upgraded to 2.0.  I understand this has to do with the way that Play store works but now I don't know how it is going to work with my setup.  So, I took a deep breath and launched it.  Well first thing I had to do is create an identity - fine, although I am wondering how this works to protect my annonyminity and allows me to remain independent of 3rd part middlemen (I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that it does since I know it can be done).  At first I was relieved to see my current setup is still there with my folders being labelled 1.4.  Okay, so what happens if I need a new folder.  So I started creating a few new test folders and everything seems to work.  Alright I can work with this.


Except I just realized - I started the trial period, which means for the next 30 days I have unlimited folders.  So I am screwed 2 ways :


1) I am limited to 10 folders if I am including my Android devices

2) I am losing out on the 30 day trial period because I was automatically upgraded whether I wanted it or not


I am guessing that I am not the only one who is going to be affected this way.  The sad thing is this all stems from the stupid 10 folder limit (which even Dropbox finally got away from).  Really, all I want is what I can do with 1.4.  I can see how the new features in 2.0 are desireable and worth paying for but not at the expense of limiting previous fuctionality.


Sync was built on the idea of being the anti-Dropbox, allowing you to sync your data privately without a 3rd party storing your data.  With 2.0 though, now I can't sync my data in that manner unless they lift the 10 folder limit.


As a final thought for those you looking at my post and thinking well he isn't going to pay, so why should they listen to me and others.  Well my answer is Google FDBryant3 and Sync........you wil find that I spend a lot of time evangelizing Sync and promoting at every opportunity I get (heck, I have been defending them on other issues even as I am trying to get them to address the ones that affect me) .  I have no doubt that this translates into more people looking at it (because like or not when people are looking to sync their data the first thought is Dropbox, followed closely by Google and Microsoft.........Sync isn't even thought unless someone tells them about it), which means more users, which means more people paying for it.  If Sync is no longer of benefit to me, or worse I find something else to replace it with - that means me (and others) are going to stop promoting it.


In the meantime - if someone could hook me up with the free 1.4 apk, I would appreciate it.

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I have half migrated away from BT Sync to an open source competitor that I'm sure people know of.  I heard of grumblings about 2.0 and I came here with a bucket of popcorn to laugh at the anger and see what the fuss is about, but then I fired up my Android tablet and found out it auto upgraded (darnit!) and wants me to create an account or something! Yikes!


After the shock, I was just about to switch more folders over to the competitor (I have more than 10 total), but this APK link to reinstall 1.4 has bought BT Sync a little more life!  Thanks!  (A little more time for BT inc to consider undoing the 2.0 damage.) 


And general comment: this 2.0 thing sounds like a turn for the worse, and loss of trust.  A lot of us came to BT Sync because we want more control and trust over our data than cloud storage, and want our data on computers we trust.  (And some want anonymity and complete decentralization.)  Being an untrusting and do it yourself userbase, we also want to be able to trust the software, as in open source.  Closed souce aka "trust us, our code is good" or "we passed an audit once, isn't that awesome, and since then we have written bug free code"  is kinda like dropbox saying "trust us, our servers are good" and "we will only give your data away if the government asks really nicely".  It doesn't fly.


I understand the desire to make money, but to handicap free users at 10 folders is a pretty big blow.  I would have thought you would be more interested in cultivating your reputation as a company that fosters trust and provides value people are willing to pay for, rather than burning trust to make a money grab.  I don't fully understand, but it sounds like a promise has been breached with offering 1.4 functionality in 2.0.   (How's this for a business model: open source the code already, host peoples' bulk encrypted data on the cloud for a price -- I'd consider giving you money for that over hosting my own BT Sync boxes in geographically diverse places, or paying Microsoft/Amazon/Google for cloud storage.)


My interest has been declining as other open source solution(s) become more mature but this really pushes things over the edge.   i got multiple members of my family on it (which eats into that 10 folder share limit pretty fast when we share photo albums, video albums, and host each others' backups!), and now I'm going to have to get them all to switch to something else :-/.  You rose because you captured the imagination of people like me who were ahead of the tech curve -- if you lose us, where will that leave you?


 Maybe you will find a (uninformed? non-savvy?) market segment that works for you -- if so power to you -- I can't argue with capitalism, and I love to see the dropbox types sweat a little.  And over most of the life of BT Sync so far I have appreciated the useful tool -- thanks for that.  So cheers and good luck!

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