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I'm looking for a way to pause syncing when I'm away from home on a mobile broadband/mifi connection as I have limited data allowance.   My feature requests, in order of preference:


1.  Add the ability to pause BitTorrent Sync using Applescript.  If this existed I could use my existing scripting mechanism to pause when away and resume when I return home.

2.  Add a 'Pause syncing' menu item to the main BitTorrent Sync application menu bar (at present it's only in the menubar extra, and I can't find a way to control that via Applescript)


My current solution for this is to quit the entire application when I'm away, then launch it again when I'm at  home. 





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I use Little Snitch for that purpose and I highly recommend it!

It is not "pausing" BitTorrent Sync but rather denying, on a rule basis, if it lets traffic in or out your computer.

BitTorrent Sync will act like it doesn't have a connection and so you can keep BitTorrent Sync out of the network traffic when you are in a location where you shouldnt use P2P protocols

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