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Ok, so I just messed something up. I have two identities - one "corporate" for my servers (PRO Liscence) and one "private", which is pretty well connected to my corporate shares but has some private shared folders as well. Now I connected one of my computers to my corporate identity, but want to change that to my private identity instead. How do I do that? uninstall and try again? Unsure of how to proceed..

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I had a similar issue. I'm not sure if you're on a mac or not. If you are, on the machine you want to fix, go into Time Machine and roll back ~/Library/Application Support/Bittorrent Sync (or something like that) to the version of the files before you installed bittorrent sync 2.0. Then when you restart the app, it will think it's starting for the first time. If you're not on Mac, I'm sure those files are in a similar place on whichever OS you're on.

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On 10/17/2015 at 4:30 PM, Anton Rudov said:

To change the identity you can go to My Devices, select the current device and press "Unlink this device button" then Sync will ask you to create a new Identity or enter the secret for already existing one.

We know that it is not clear, we will fix it in future releases ;)

This does not appear to be true. On OSX, it does not give me the option to enter a secret for an existing identity. It only lets me create one.






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