Use A Device As A Buffer With Bittorrentsync


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Hello everyone.

I have been using bit torrent sync for several months now. IT ROCKS! The only problem that i can find so far is that at least two devices need to be on for it to work. I solved it simply using a 20$ raspberry pi and a 5$ microsd card sized at 16GB. This of course sets my maximum syncing capability at... 16GB... Not something i can work with since i have over a TB of data that i sync. So i was thinking...


Why not use a device as a BUFFER? Adding the option to a single device, to retain information of a file ONLY WHEN IT IS NOT SYNCED TO ALL OTHER NON-BUFFER DEVICES!


For example... I have two 1TB folders, one on my desktop and one on my laptop. In between i add a device (for example my above raspberry pi setup).

I set the raspberry pi to be a buffer. Now it holds THE DIFFERENCES of files between my shared devices, BUT NOT THE FILES THEMSELVES. 

Now lets say i just created a 4GB video with my cybershot and stored it on my laptop, while my desktop is off.

The raspberry pi picks up the difference and begins syncing the file. Once that's done i turn off my laptop and later in the day, turn on my desktop. Again the difference is located and the file begins to sync to my desktop. Now that there are no differences between Laptop And desktop, The file on my BUFFER DEVICE is no longer needed and is deleted.


This way a low power, low cost, low maintenance device (a raspberry pi, android stick, old android phone, old tablet or netbook etc) can be used to make bittorrent sync no different (in fact superior) to any other server based syncing service. There would simply be no drawbacks to using it.


Your thoughts on this? Is this feature easy or difficult to implement? I think it is a useful feature and needs further exploring. Thank you for your time.

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Interesting idea but probably not one likely to be implemented (imo). The solution for your specific scenario would be to add more peers to increase the chance of one being online (not always easy with 1tb folders though I know :) ). The complexity of creating a buffering device could get high fast. I could see slightly more benefit to a buffering device if btsync used deltas but it doesn't nor would that apply to your example of a new file.

Update: I haven't played around with the on demand/selective sync stuff but perhaps a pro version feature could be to have a date based sync. So it syncs (inbound shares) only files created in the last X days. This would get you a more generic but similar feature set although something would still need to be done with the limited storage of these devices and how it handles that. Would it delete the oldest file when full?

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