2.0 Cannot Change 1.4 Secret; Cannot Add 1.4 Folder

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Two Win 7 computers; one with 1.4.93 and one with 2.0.85. The upgrade to 2.0.85 seemed to go correctly and all synced folder appeared as "1.4". Two problems I don't think I've seen addressed:


1) On 2.0, the 1.4 folders are marked Read Only and are acting like Read Only - files only sync from 1.4 to 2.0. (Note: I'm using my own secrets based on generated secrets but longer than 20 characters.) I cannot find a way on 2.0 to change this from R/O. Note that on 1.4 these were R/W folders with the R/W key in place. BTW, when I hover over the folder, the hover text shows "Read & Write - Classic Folder." When I right click and Share, it shows as Read Only and Read & Write is greyed out.


2) When I try to add a 1.4 folder (using the Shift method), I cannot change the key to the old 1.4 key. There seems to be no way to get to the Update Key that shows in 1.4.


I hope I'm just missing something simple!

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