[Solved] Btsync Only Syncing With Active Ssh Connection (Archlinux)


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BTSync only syncing with active ssh connection (ArchLinux)

I have setup some shares in BTSync 2.x & everything is syncing fine & i can connect via the web ui.
Once i disconnect ssh from the linux box hosting the shares, the sync stops, also the web ui stops working.
I have the same setup working fine on Openelec.
I âm using upnp on all nodes & upnp is enabled on my router. i have tried specifying a listening port & forwarding it on the router, this has no affect. I have also tried deactivating the firewall on the router also with no affect
Here is my btsync.conf
{  "device_name": "My Sync Device",  "listening_port" : 0, // 0 - randomize port/* storage_path dir contains auxilliary app files if no storage_path field: .sync dir created in the directory   where binary is located. otherwise user-defined directory will be used */  "storage_path" : "/home/drew/.btsync",/* set location of pid file */  "pid_file" : "/home/drew/.btsync/btsync.pid",/* use UPnP for port mapping */  "use_upnp" : true,/* limits in kB/s. 0 - no limit */  "download_limit" : 0,  "upload_limit" : 0,/* proxy configuration */// "proxy_type" : "socks4", // Valid types: "socks4", "socks5", "http_connect". Any other value means no proxy// "proxy_addr" : "", // IP address of proxy server.// "proxy_port" : 1080,// "proxy_auth" : false, // Use authentication for proxy. Note: only username/password for socks5 (RFC 1929) is supported, and it is not really secure// "proxy_username" : "user",// "proxy_password" : "password",  "webui" :  {    "listen" : "" // remove field to disable WebUI/* preset credentials. Use password or password_hash */  ,"login" : "btsync"  ,"password" : "btsync"//  ,"password_hash" : "some_hash" // password hash in crypt(3) format//  ,"allow_empty_password" : false // Defaults to true/* ssl configuration *///  ,"force_https" : true // disable http//  ,"ssl_certificate" : "/home/drew/.btsync/btsync.crt"//  ,"ssl_private_key" : "/home/drew/.btsync/btsync.key"/* directory_root path defines where the WebUI Folder browser starts (linux only). Default value is / *///  ,"directory_root" : "/home/user/MySharedFolders/"/* directory_root_policy defines how directory_root is used (linux only).   Valid values are:     "all" - accepts directory_root and its subdirectories for 'getdir' and 'adddir' actions     "belowroot" - accepts directory_root's subdirectories for 'getdir' and 'adddir' actions,     but denies attempts to use 'adddir' to create directories directly within directory_root   Default value is "all". *///  ,"directory_root_policy" : "all"/* dir_whitelist defines which directories can be shown to user or have folders added (linux only)   relative paths are relative to directory_root setting *///  ,"dir_whitelist" : [ "/home/user/MySharedFolders/personal", "work" ]  }/* !!! if you set shared folders in config file WebUI will be DISABLED !!!   shared directories specified in config file  override the folders previously added from WebUI. *//*,  "shared_folders" :  [    {      "secret" : "MY_SECRET_1", // required field - use --generate-secret in command line to create new secret      "dir" : "/home/user/bittorrent/sync_test", // * required field      "use_relay_server" : true, //  use relay server when direct connection fails      "use_tracker" : true,      "use_dht" : false,      "search_lan" : true,      "use_sync_trash" : true, // enable SyncArchive to store files deleted on remote devices      "overwrite_changes" : false, // restore modified files to original version, ONLY for Read-Only folders      "known_hosts" : // specify hosts to attempt connection without additional search      [        ""      ]    }  ]*//* Advanced preferences can be added to config file. Info is available at http://sync-help.bittorrent.com */}

Really hope someone can help with this, i have tried everything i can think of.




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