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I have BitTorrent Sync 2 installed on my home NAS QNAP TS-212 and my Windows 7 laptop. I'm unable to link the 2 devices after copying and pasting the key, it displays the message 'Connecting. Please ensure the other device is online. Connecting can take as long as 60 seconds". Well it never does connect. The firewall on the Windows 7 laptop is disabled. Any suggestions on where to start with the troubleshooting please? I've not been able find anything helpful in the guides and I'm wondering if I've jumped the gun as this is quite new, does it even work?

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Not sure at all, but my Synology started syncing when I enabled ssh. I wanted to check the logs, because for three hours I haven't been able to link the NAS to my identity. So I enabled ssh to check the logs and suddenly Btsync started syncing.

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