Some Questions About Sync 2.0 And Android

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Hi all.


I have a couple of questions regarding the new Sync 2.0.


I have installed it on my Windows pc and my android.


1) Is it possible to create a shared folder using the android app?


2) With version 1.4 I had the following (working setup):

1- Created a folder on my PC (DCIM_BK)

2- Connected this folder to the DCIM folder on my android

With this I had full 2-way sync of all pics and vids.

Now with 2.0 apparently I'm not able to do the same thing because the following happens:

1- created a (2.0) folder on my pc (DCIM_BK_2)

2- Added this folder on my android

3- selected destination on my android (DCIM folder)

4- Sync creates a DCIM_BK_2 folder in my Android's DCIM folder


Can you please advise?



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Not sure if the DCIM folder has any restrictions preventing this or not (haven't tried) but this might be worth a shot:


Excerpt (replace 'Download' with 'DCIM'):


    Add Download Folder on desktop Sync.
    Rename Download folder on Android (folder must not exist or you will get an error).
    When folder appears on mobile, connect to /storage/emulated/0/ with the folder name set as Download.
    Move files from old Download folder to new Download folder.

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