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Folder Of 23,000 Files Gets "unknown Error: 100" Long Before Syncing

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This is different enough from my other "110" thread that I'm making it a separate topic. As described in my other "110" thread, I've synced a 2MB, 23 file folder no problem (though I frequently have to fix its 110 problem by rebooting.) But my 8GB folder of 23,000 never syncs. At first, it syncs at a super-slow pace on my home LAN, whereas 1.3 would eventually go at 2-3Mb/s as expected. But 2.0 gives me the 110 error after replicating the tree structure, but transferring only a few hundred files. The Android client will then show as syncing on my Windows clients, but no progress is made. Even worse--and this is why it's a separate thread--my S4's CPU runs at a constant 30% when it normally idles at 7% or less. Clearly, BitTorrent Sync is doing something, but this is infinite loop behavior. Meanwhile, my diagnositc app (3C Toolbox) doesn't even list the BitTorrent Sync app in its list of running tasks: it shows 30% CPU usage, but the list of running tasks only accounts for a few percent of CPU usage. I've tried clean installing on Android a few times, but it's the same issue every time--it looks like the Android BitTorrent Sync app goes totally haywire

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