Sync 2.0: Moving/sorting Files/folders While Syncing End Up With -0% Progress

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1. Notebook Win7, BT Sync 2.0.52 Master r/w

2. Macbook Air, BT Sync 2.0.52 r/w


Following happend:


1. I added a medium sized folder with photos at the Macbook

2. After some time sync started

3. while sync running, i made subfolders and sorted/moved the photos into them

4. Since then the folders are not synced, showing "0% - a few seconds" at progress (for 2 days now)

   (there are many .bts files left now at device 1)

nothing happens any more....


of course, i can clean folders on both devices, and can add files after ordering them before at another place,


but is it not possible to work within folders without mixing sync up?

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