Lock Folder To Prevent Accidental Editing


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This may be a redundant feature but still... here goes.

A simple lock icon to lock the ability to edit a specific folder. The locked folder is grayed out and dissapears from the list and appears whenever the "show locked folders" option is enabled.


I have multiple files to sync and add or delete folders every day. Sometimes i accidentally remove folders that i shouldn't, and there is the chaos of several-dozens-of-folders-appearing-on-my-shared-list thing that i hate.


Anyway this shouldn't be too hard to implement and it would help out a lot, especially for us who have certain permanent shared folders mixed with multiple temporary shared folders.


Well that's it. Keep the bits flowing guys.


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Some way to group folders would go a long way, especially if I could collapse the groups. You could just put the important folders into an "Important!" group and keep it collapsed.


I'd actually be happy to have even the most crude arrangement: if they let me give my sync folders labels, instead of showing the actual folder name, then I could just prefix the important ones so that at least they're all in one place when sorted by name.

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