Latest 2.0 Desktop Build - 2.0.85


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Dear community,


Sync 2.0.85 is available on official download site or via direct link. This build is not yet available via auto-update.


Change log is available on our KnowledgeBase (from now on it will be published there).


Known issues

- UnknownError110 - which is actually a folder database corruption [related thread and workaround]

- Linux & NAS are not syncing - only related to glibc2.3 version of Sync and will be fixed in next build



We've rebuilt "glibc2.3 version" to fix "Linux & NAS not syncing". No changes in the code done, just updated libs.

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I  upgraded all my devices to version 2 from version 1.4. All going OK except ARM version on a Raspberry Pi.

When starting the Web UI on the Raspberry Pi I get the Link Device dialog. I manually added the key and my other devices show the Raspberry Pi connected, but the Link devices screen will not go away. If I cancel, I can go back to the first Link device screen, BUT I cannot get back to the main Web UI.

How do I tell the raspberry Pi that is already linked?  


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Hmm. I wonder if you can try to open your Sync WebUI from other browser, say Firefox? You can do it from other computer, although you'll need to run your Sync on RPI with "--webui.listen" switch to force it to bind socket to all interfaces (it listens loopback only by default).

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The problem of getting the Raspberry Pi linked fixed itself. No idea why!


Thank you for the idea of "--webui.listen"; that is useful.


Now I have another problem.


On the Raspberry Pi I was trying to add a"Manual connection" using a link from my Windows PC.  The program offers a default folder location. I set it to a existing location  . I get message that destination folder is not empty. I confirm that this is OK. The dilog box disappears then appears again. This happens continuously. I cannot add the folder.


This is the same for all folders I attempt to add.


How can I overcome this problem?



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  • 2 weeks later...

For some reason the operating system on the Raspberry Pi became corrupted and I did have to reinstall the operating system again. This time everything worked except for one point.

In my list of devices I now have 3 raspberry pis listed; the one now working and 2 from the previous system. I can see no way of removing not existing, non functioning devices!



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