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I am having an odd problem with Sync version 2.0.85 (Win 7 Pro 64 PC to a Win 8.1 64 PC). I sent a client some files that were compressed in a multipart 7z archive, and they seem to have received a corrupted part. When they went to extract the files, two of the them would not exact. I have seen this happen before with bad FTP connections so I asked the to give me check the CRC for the files and the 7z part. 7Zip listed the files' CRCs correctly, but the part itself had the wrong CRC. I tested the file on my end and had no problem. I asked the client to delete that part so the new one would resync, by Sync still considered both sides in sync. I tried renaming it, but nothing more happened. I finally created a new archive with those files and that worked. A few days later same thing happened with different files. Having used torrents for years, I would have expected Sync to notice the mismatch and corrected the mistake. The debug logs don't show any out of the ordinary and I can't figure out how to reproduce the problem. This is clearly a bug that needs squashing, or a feature that needs to be added for all users, including the free ones. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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