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[Solved] Diable Auto-Sync After Adding New Folder

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Hello everyone.
I have to say - super program.
Version 2.0. I have one account on a few client machines.

But there's a problem: I am very much infuriated when I add a new folder on the machine "A" and it appears immediately on the machine "B".  :angry:  In the wrong place for me! I myself want to choose where I place files. And the program does not give me this. It immediately makes synchronization. How can I disable this mess I have not found in the FAQ.
Help please.

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  1. Go to "My Devices"

Select your current device

Change the New Folders setting to "Disconnected"

Future folders you add on other devices won't then sync to your current device until you manually "Connect" them to a folder location you specify

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