If A Read-Only Peer Tampers With The Content

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Hey. This might be a stupid question. But what exactly happens if a peer with read-only access to a folder modifies or changes it's contents? Or if a large number of users attempt to do it? Is it possible to fake content without the read/write-key in any way?


Thanks for the clarification.

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There is a setting on their side for the share called something like Overwrite Changes. If that is checked then their changes are replaced with the source otherwise that file is now excluded.

Same for 1 or 100 clients.

Fake content?

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What I'm asking is this: suppose User A wants to share a bittorrent sync key on a public forum, or in some other context where he/she doesn't know who will be accessing the content. To ensure the content is not tampered with, User A only published the read only-secret.


Lets say User B comes along and syncs to the folder. As User B is a malicious fucker he/she edits some important text document to exclude important information.


Then User C comes along. At the time, User A is not online, so only User B can seed the folder. What does User C get? Just an empty folder until User A logs back in an provides the authentic file? Or will User B connect at all? What is the standard procedure when files conflict with the original when using a read only-secret?

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Ah gotcha. Gotta watch those User B's out there...


Hopefully a mod or someone that has tested the overwrites can chime in (I always check Overwrite Changes as it fits my needs) but how I understand it is (basically yes to your last question):


Assuming Overwrite Changes isn't checked for User B or C

1. User A (source) shares the R/O key

2. User B changes a file they received from User A. That file is now outside of the sync process kind of like it was added to the IgnoreList

3. User C would not get anything until User A comes online because User B doesn't really have the file

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